A commercial kitchen is a busy work environment, and having the right type of flooring is key. Epoxy floors can be applied to the flooring of your kitchen, making it more resilient and hygienic. Not only is epoxy the best way to maintain a hygienic surface in your kitchen, but it offers many other benefits as well.


1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Epoxy resin provides a smooth surface that’s easy to sweep and mop. Messes are common in commercial kitchens, and being able to clean your floors in minutes can save you valuable time.

Epoxy floors are also seamless, which means you won’t have to worry about anything getting trapped between seams. Your floors will be more resistant to mould and bacteria. You’ll be able to take excellent care of your floors and keep them in great shape.

2. Can Be Slip Resistant

It’s possible to coat kitchen floors with a non-slip epoxy coating, which can significantly reduce the risk of accidents in your kitchen. An anti-skid additive can add grit to your floor, which can make your floors less slippery.

Kitchen accidents are unfortunately common, but thankfully, epoxy coatings can help you to prevent them. Installing anti-skid epoxy flooring is a fantastic way to keep everyone in your commercial kitchen safe.

3. Holds Up Well Over Time

Commercial kitchens see a lot of foot traffic, and because of that, they’re subject to extensive wear and tear. Epoxy can strengthen your floors and increase their durability.

When your flooring is coated in epoxy, you’re far less likely to have issues with chipping or cracking. Epoxy is an excellent way to protect your floors and keep them in good condition for many years to come.

4. Cost Effective

Replacing kitchen flooring can be expensive. Epoxy coating is an affordable way to protect your floors from damage. Applying coating to your floors can help to prevent damage and can increase the lifespan of your flooring.

Epoxy coating can also save you money on cleaning and maintenance. Your floors will be easier to care for than ever, which will save you time, money, and stress. Epoxy offers incredible value, especially in commercial kitchens.

5. Heat Resistant

Epoxy coating can increase the heat resistance of flooring, especially when a high-grade epoxy is used. This is yet another way in which epoxy can make a commercial kitchen safer. Not only can it protect your floors against damage from boiling water and hot pans, but it can reduce the risk of a fire.

Flames and high temperatures are commonplace in commercial kitchens, which is why it’s necessary to take certain precautions. By applying a coating to your floor, you can avoid heat damage and improve the safety of your kitchen.

Epoxy floors are one of the best ways to maintain a hygienic surface in commercial kitchens. Epoxy coating is affordable, efficient, and offers countless benefits.

Now is the ideal time to explore your options and look into protecting your kitchen floors with epoxy. Call us today on 02 8593 5719 or drop us a line here.

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