Commercial Resin Flooring in Sydney

Resin flooring provides a tough, chemical resistant floor finish perfect for your home and business floors. While concrete floors are strong, they require a good coating to really enhance their performance.


What is Commercial Resin Flooring?

Resin floors are produced by a chemical reaction between different polymers which create a chemical bond with the material they are installed on when absorbed into the substance. This creates a smooth, solid, continuous floor surface. They’re designed to protect and enhance the performance of concrete flooring and prevent deterioration.

To install a commercial resin flooring system, a synthetic resin is mixed with a hardener at the time of application. This mixture is left for its requisite cure time to form a strong resin. There are many products which you can choose, and they all have different cure times and come with different benefits.

Why Choose Commercial Resin Flooring?

Commercial resin flooring is great to use in showrooms, retails, warehouses, workshops and more because it offers so many different benefits. For example:

  • It’s chemical resistant – When applied to a seamless floor such as concrete, it prevents damage to the floor. It’s resistant to a variety of different chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, and petrol. We recommend resin to companies dealing with various chemicals daily.

  • It’s attractive – With resin, we can create a range of different finishes. You can choose the colour and even add coloured quartz or decorative flakes. Or, if you like the look of your floor already, we can simply add a clear coating.

  • It’s safe – Not only is it chemical resistant, but we can also add anti-slip surfaces using a mix of different epoxies, polyurethane and acrylic sealers.

  • It can protect your floors – A resin coating can prolong the lifespan of your floors by decreasing wear and tear damage. Floor damage can not only be inconvenient or look unattractive, but it can also be a health and safety issue if it gets worse.

  • It reduces dust – Dust can flare up in the working environment if your concrete floors aren’t coated. This doesn’t just impact your products; it can also impact the health of your employees as they breathe it in.

  • It’s low maintenance – Because it’s strong and durable, it’s less likely to need repairing. Its smooth surface is easy to clean, and because it’s seamless, it’s easy to keep hygienic, which is why it’s an excellent choice in kitchens and schools.

  • It’s great for working environments – Resin floors are designed to withstand heavy traffic, whether it’s foot traffic or forklifts and other machinery. You’ll have a hard time breaking through this.

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