Hospitals and other medical facilities practice high safety and hygiene standards—and the flooring system helps them meet these. You probably saw the staff cleaning the floor with a mop, soap, and a special disinfectant agent, but the floor itself also minimise the risk of infection.


Epoxy flooring can transform spaces by giving them sleek surfaces. Aside from that, it is a popular choice in healthcare settings due to the following reasons:


Antimicrobial Properties

Microbes can quickly spread through handshakes, shoes, and bodily fluids. Installing epoxy flooring that inhibits microbial growth can help prevent the spread of diseases. With this type of flooring system, you can have long-term protection from a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Speak with a professional installer regarding this feature.


Can Accommodate High Volume Traffic

Hospitals never sleep! Aside from foot traffic, there’s a constant flurry of beds, gurneys, wheelchairs, and equipment. The floors must be highly durable to cope with the heavy traffic all day and all night.

Epoxy floors strengthen the concrete beneath them, allowing you to maximise the installation for years. It also means the floor won’t chip or crack easily and provide a sanctuary for microbes.

The smooth finish of epoxy flooring also allows comfortable movement, which is highly crucial during emergencies.



The smooth surface of epoxy floor systems means low maintenance requirements. The hospital staff can simply wipe the spills and before sanitising the floor. Many installers offer floor care solutions to remove all traces of dirt and grime.

“The absence of ridges, nooks, and crannies also means debris and microbes have nowhere to hide. Epoxy floors are also resistant to strong chemicals and cleaning products, which is imperative in healthcare settings. Moreover, hospital surfaces should be cleaned faster to make way for the next patient and to prevent contamination.”, remarks CEO Karina Wolfin.


Helps Create a Pleasant Environment

Hospitals can be tremendously stressful. Medical facilities invest a lot in designing a calming environment to assist the recovery of patients and reduce the stress levels of everyone in the hospital.

Epoxy flooring, when professionally installed, is visually pleasing. It also gives an impression to patients and carers that they’re in a clean and organised facility.

The installer can also customise the flooring by adding logos and texts. You may also consider colourful designs for younger patients. Learn more about incorporating aesthetics in healthcare here.


Epoxy Flooring That Can Last for Years

Hospitals can’t afford to pause. Closing even just one department to install new flowing could cost the health of many. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a reliable installer to ensure that you won’t have to repair or replace the flooring any time soon.

You can install epoxy flooring over an existing surface, which offers a time and cost-efficient solution. For flooring that lasts for decades, contact Epoxy Flooring Sydney.

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