About Pooyan Sajjadi


I hope you have already enjoyed reading Epoxy Flooring Technology.

My name is Pooyan Sajjadi, a Sydney-based tech-savvy senior engineer, a proponent of Nanotechnology, advanced materials and high value manufacturing techniques.

I am a technically experienced executive with a background in science, and have deep affinity for Physics and Material Science.

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As a researcher, I have always loved serving the world of science with my humble contributions.

So there is no wonder I have enjoyed being an active contributor to various scientific journals as an author and also reviewer for two international journals.

As a polymer engineer, I have been honored by being a member of national editing committee for writing Iranian national standards.

As an expert in this field, I have provided my clients with technical consultation and expert witness.

Some of the Australian companies whom I have worked with are including but not limited to NuFurn pty ltd, Floorace pty ltd, Stallion Industries (AUS) pty ltd

I love research in the following fields;

  • Coatings Synthesis and Modification and Application
  • Polymers Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Rheology
  • Plastic Extrusion; Poly Olefins in Particular (PE & PP)
  • Nano Material; namely UV-absorber Nano additives

I have started this blog in early 2017 to share my technical knowledge and experience on epoxies with my workmates round the world.

It always makes me happy if you send me your brutally honest reviews on this blog, or if you comment on my articles.

Also, if you need any consultation regarding your up and coming flooring projects, do not hesitate to contact me.