Garage epoxy flooring

 We provide Sydney wide services for:

* Flake Flooring / Plain Colour / Metallic Flooring

* Premium quality material

* 5 years of Warranty


An epoxy floor coating is an affordable and fast approach to protect your garage floor from any premature deterioration, while also making it appear beautiful.

As specialists in garage epoxy floors in Sydney, Epoxy Flooring Tech has a versatile range of colours and products on offer starting from only $1,800 plus GST.

Our innovative epoxy coating solutions make sure you have peace of mind for the years to come. Also, it comes with 5 years of warranty.

We offer three main categories of epoxy coating systems for our garage epoxy flooring:

Plain colour, partial flakes and full flake.

Contact us today to get a written quote with the smallest details on the garage epoxy flooring process from start to end, warranty terms and an exact price.

Special systems tailored to the need of our clients will be quoted on request after a site inspection.


Now answers to some of the frequent questions you might ask:

Can we choose any colour? 

Please download the Colour chart of available colours.

– How long it usually takes?

It varies of course. But as a rule of thumb, we usually finish the job in just ONE day. Having said that, please bear in mind that weather conditions play an important role in epoxy floors applications and hence, we indicate how long the project will take in our formal quote and will discuss it with you before the commencement of the job.

– Is the process dusty?

We have a dust controlling system in place to ensure the process is dust-free.

– Do we use acid etching?

NO. Under no circumstances we do not use acid etching. The reason is that acid etching is a DIY technique that cannot ensure proper surface preparation.

Diamond grinding is the only way to reach the minimum acceptable surface preparation –(CSP2) for epoxy coating systems, advised by The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).

What about cracks?

All small imperfections and all those tiny hair cracks on your concrete will be fixed before applying the epoxy paint as a part of our floor preparation. We fill the cracks with a two-component grout and then will grind them back. If you have major cracks, we have special materials and methods to rectify the issue.


More questions? No dramas!

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