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  • Review with the client the best options available
  • Surface preparation
  • Supply of materials
  • Installation of floor-finish
  • Final floor inspection and testing
  • Planned maintenance programmed
  • Resin floor coatings incorporate a wide range of epoxies, polyurethane and acrylic sealers
  • All available with smooth or anti-slip finishes.
  • Different solutions tailored to the needs of our individual clients.

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More about our epoxy flooring services

Epoxy flooring Tech has hand-picked the most trusted, premium epoxy resin compounds in the market. Epoxy resin coatings have become the latest and most stylish trend in flooring systems. Both the residential and commercial sectors have taken up epoxy resin as their main resurfacing option. Its highly capable abilities both physically and aesthetically are the main driving factors for clients wanting epoxy resin for their floors. It provides a highly durable and slip resistant surface not to mention its ability to transform an old, tired space into a highly decorative and attractive one. The coating not only provides great aesthetics, it also assists and reinforces the existing substrate providing a protective layer and protecting the substrate from further corrosive effects of the environment. If you’ve got an existing floor that’s damaged or deteriorated, then an epoxy resin coating will provide protection of that substrate effectively maintaining or even increasing the floors life expectancy.

Elevating your restaurant’s ambience through flooring

While flooring serves a very practical purpose in a restaurant setting and needs to perform well under a wide variety of conditions, the aesthetic of a flooring system also goes a long way toward establishing its ambience. With epoxy floor coatings and other fluid applied flooring systems, countless customizable looks can set the tone of your restaurant without sacrificing practicality.

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Epoxy Flooring for Outdoor Uses

Concrete resurfacing has become a go to choice for many treatments around the home. You can find wonderful ways to use concrete resurfacing on your property to create truly memorable, comfortable settings. In this article, we want to focus more on the outdoor uses for epoxy flooring.

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In this article you can find reasons why your DIY epoxy coating project may go wrong even if you do follow the instructions completely. Learn it here.

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Read the brief story of epoxy resin here. It starts from 1870s and cover all the major events to recent inventions in the filed of epoxy flooring.

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