Seamless Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Concrete floors whilst strong will require further treatments in commercial and industrial environments due to the chemicals used or the high traffic. Resin coatings and toppings are designed to protect or enhance the performance of concrete floors thereby preventing premature deterioration of floors.

In the past couple of years I have been working closely with some of the best Epoxy Flooring contractors in Sydney, NSW.

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All jobs are welcome; whether it is a small garage floor painting or an industrial kitchen or a huge Factory, I will be always happy to help you get the best deal.

We provide a full service from:


  • Review with client the best options available
  • Surface preparation
  • Supply of materials
  • Installation of floor-finish
  • Final floor inspection and testing
  • Planned maintenance programmed


  • Resin floor coatings incorporate a wide range of epoxies, polyurethane and acrylic sealers
  • All available with smooth or anti-slip finishes.
  • Different solutions tailored to the needs of our individual clients.

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