Founded on the philosophy of “Excellence above volume”

Being a leader in the application of high-performance Epoxy resin coatings, we offer a wide variety of seamless, durable, anti-slip, decorative floor coating systems for industrial and commercial use.
Epoxy Flooring Technology is an Australian family owned business headed by Managing Director Pooyan Sajjadi. With a background in both the residential and commercial building industries spanning over 20 years, Pooyan leads a team of vibrant professionals to run and administer our projects.
Being “boutique” by choice allows our team to offer unrivaled expertise in the management of complete commercial fit-outs and to create innovative solutions to see projects delivered with high-quality results in the shortest possible time-frame. we are focused on building relationships with our clients and industry partners to provide services and ensure the success of all our projects.
Our Project Managers are dedicated to serving the unique needs of every customer, whether that be for a single or multiple project program. With a service area covering most of Australia and fostering a fresh and enthusiastic approach to their fit-outs. With years of experience in all aspects of floor preparation and installation, we offer expert advice on the method of preparation & most suitable product for your application. With a reputation for reliability, quality and professionalism, our fully insured and WHS compliant staff will competitively price your project.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our goal is to be the Premier Property Maintenance company within the Sydney area. Epoxy Flooring Tech will be recognized for delivering the highest levels of Customer Service and customer satisfaction to establish Long Term Relationships with its customers.


Pooyan Sajjadi is a Sydney-based tech-savvy senior engineer, a proponent of Nanotechnology, advanced materials and high value manufacturing techniques. He is a technically experienced executive with a background in science, and have deep affinity for Physics and Material Science. Feel free to follow him on his social network accounts, should you have any interest in these fields.

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As a researcher, he has always loved serving the world of science with my humble contributions. So there is no wonder he has enjoyed being an active contributor to various scientific journals as an author and also reviewer for two international journals. As a polymer engineer, he has been honored by being a member of national editing committee for writing Iranian national standards. As an expert in the filed of polymers and coatings, he has provided his consulting clients with technical consultation and expert witness.

He has worked a researcher in the following fields, prioir to dedicate his time fully to epoxy floor coatings.

  • Coatings Synthesis and Modification and Application; including but not limited to Epoxy resins, Poly Urea, Poly Urethane and Poly Acrylic resins
  • Polymers Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Rheology
  • Plastic Extrusion Process; Poly Olefins in Particular (PE & PP)
  • Nano Material; namely UV-absorber Nano additives

If you need any consultation regarding your up and coming flooring projects, do not hesitate to contact him.